Automatically check Google Sitelinks

April 12, 2015

George Jetson puts his feet up as a script does his SEO

When Google regularly swaps the organic sitelinks under your brand, it can be a pain checking multiple sites / markets to make sure it’s the way you want it.

An example of sitelinks, for eBay on Google UK.

To solve this problem (for me), I’ve written a simple PHP script which when run daily will check this out, and email you if there any changes.

Example email when sitelinks change

Here’s the link to the GitHub repo:, and the direct download.

Feel free to take the code and do what you like with it, obviously no warranty, and completely as-is, imperfections and all.

I’ll be improving this in the future, if you have any requests, or pointers for improvement, let me know!

Chris Reynolds is a Bay Area Product Manager with 15 years of international experience in SEO, digital marketing, UX, analytics and team management.

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