Managing crawl budget for large sites

If you manage a site with millions or even billions of URLs, it’s important to consider that Google and Bing have a crawl budget, a limit in the number of URLs they are prepared to crawl, for every domain, determined by its authority. If a less-authoritative domain has billions of URLs, Google won’t crawl potentially […]

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Best practice: Planning a sitemap with keyword clustering

Keyword research is not only crucial for SEO, a powerful methodology for understanding the intentions and language used by your market, but by clustering the results you can also plan a website’s structure. This ensures: Optimal search engine visibility A taxonomy aligned to your market’s mental model Selection of terminology understood by your market In […]

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A trick for secure and unique passwords

Most people need to remember secure (long and complex) passwords for dozens different services. As this requires the mental horsepower of the Rain Man, they tend to use the same one or two passwords everywhere. Come the inevitable day that one of these services is breached, every one of the user’s other accounts using the […]

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The ultimate research methodology

This blog is about the light that the cumulative searches of hundreds of millions of individuals can shine on the world in a way that traditional sources of insight cannot. So what makes keyword research better than other research methodologies? It’s primary strength lies in it’s lack of bias. This impartiality is born of the […]

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The USA’s most searched for employers

Some organisations struggle to hire the employees but others are in the fortunate situation of having people seek them out for employment. It would be interesting to know which companies are actually being sought by potential employees and in what numbers. The nuances of this are actually quite complex as there are a number of […]

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Getting hired with keyword research

Human Resources professionals will tell you that in a competitive labor market, job seekers must compete to be the most visible to recruiters and hiring managers who are searching for their skill set. Most recruiters aren’t searching Google for their prospects, instead they use job boards like Monster and Indeed or increasingly, professional social networks […]

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The rise and rise of the iPhone

This post is about the number of searches about the iPhone not the number of searches from an iphone which is a wholly different (and even more interesting) subject. The annual release of a new iPhone model has become a significant media event and speculation over new features a favorite of topic of technology journalists, […]

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