Analysing Search Console Data in Pandas

April 22, 2019

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Graphed, the correlations look like this:

Every SEO has pushed Excel beyond it’s limits at some point. Pandas (‘Python Data Analysis Library’) is a widely used Python library that can handle far more data than Excel/Google Sheets.

As an example, here is a Jupyter Notebook with Python / Pandas code that:

  • Upload a .CSV export from Search Console > Performance > Queries
  • Adds some data features
  • Graphs the correlations

Example data from

Correlation v Clicks Graphed, the correlations look like this:

The notable insight from the data is that due to very strong rankings and a relatively unknown brand, generic terms drive more clicks than brand-terms. In this particular niche the specificity (query length & number of tokens) have a very week impact on clicks.

Feel free to download the workbook from GitHub and use on your own data as you wish.

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