Search data as an economic indicator

Official statistics are usually seen as the most reliable source of economic health, however due to their comprehensive nature they are often published well after the situation they describe. In contrast private and commercial studies are typically faster but taken from small and skewed samples and are therefore statistically dubious. Bridging the gap between the […]

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Tracking a brand with keyword research

Historically brands have invested heavily in understanding the ‘awareness’ of their product. This is a time consuming, expensive and often statistically dubious process. Querying search engines for the number of times a brand is searched for can provide a significantly better gauge of a brand’s awareness among it’s target population. Let’s take as a simple […]

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To coin a phrase

When a new phrase is invented it makes it’s way in to the lexicon, and hence searches, at varying speeds and with varying longevity. An example of a phrase starting small and gathering momentum is ‘responsive design’, a term used by web designers to refer to pages that render attractively in a variety of devices […]

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An introduction

This blog is about Internet search and how billions of searches by hundreds of millions of people can help us understand the world in interesting and useful new ways. Although it has hitherto been used almost exclusively by online marketers (my own background), keyword research is equally useful for entrepreneurs, politicians, policy makers, academics, market […]

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